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On the Discontinuance of the Online Kikyo-shiki Ceremony

As previously announced on the top page, we have decided to regretfully decline new applications of the Online Kikyo-shiki ceremony. Thank you to everyone who has attended this ceremony so far and to everyone who is interested in it. We would also like to offer our sincere apologies to those who are planning to receive this ceremony in the future.

One of the objects of Online Kikyo-shiki was to encourage everyone to practice Nembutsu on a daily basis by participating in the Rinkaian sangha. However, there are several other ways now to share the sense of community, including monthly Live OTSUTOME, which was started several months after we started the service of Online Kikyo-shiki, or communication via social media. Whether or not you are an official member of Rinkaian or Jodo Shu does not matter at Live OTUSOTME, or on social media, or in a personal correspondence with me. Thus, I began to feel that the necessity of Online Kikyo-shiki is decreased.

Moreover, the preparatory and follow-up work has become demanding due to our limited time and capability. In spite of the fact that this ceremony contains several vows that are important to both recipients and us, I have found it difficult to sufficiently follow and support religious lives of recipients after making the vows.

The very act of practicing Nembutsu on a daily basis shows that you are a disciple of Honen Shonin and a member of Jodo Shu. Even if you undergo Online Kikyo-shiki, there is no point if it does not lead to your daily practice of Nembutsu. I hope that you will continue to put your daily practice first.

While we will no longer accept new applications, those who have undergone Online Kikyo-shiki will continue to be members of Rinkaian, and your dharma name, if given, will continue to be valid. You may also consider me as your teacher or as a dharma friend as desired. Moreover, for anyone who wants to visit Rinkaian Temple in Tokyo and receive the ceremony in person, please contact us so we will accommodate your request. Needless to say, anyone can ask me a question via e-mail or the like, and anyone can attend Live OTSUTOME, as before.

For those of you who have previously underwent Online Kikyo-shiki, please remember that this decision of discontinuance does not diminish the value of your experience in any way. The effort you put into receiving the ceremony is commendable. I have also been deeply moved by the details of your personal spiritual quests, and learned much from them. Thank you again.

This announcement does not mean a reduction in our activities. We would like to continue and develop our missionary activities for everyone, like the recent publication of OTSUTOME book.

We would like to ask for your understanding regarding this decision.

Rinkaian Chief Priest